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Charity – International

1.  Survivors of Torture, TASSC
2.  Survivors of Torture, TASSC
3.  International Alert, Liberia
4.  International Alert, Liberia
5.  International Alert, Liberia
6.  Comic Relief, Kenya
7.  Dragons Den in Kenya for Comic Relief
8.  James Caan for Comic Relief in Kenya
9.  Matt Cardle in Tanzania for Comic Relief
10. International Alert, Azerbaijan
11. International Alert, Nagorno-Karabakh
12. Jonathan Powell, International Alert
13. Farm Africa supported by Sainsbury's
14. Farm Africa supported by Sainsbury's
15. Farm Africa, Kenya
16. Farm Africa, Sesame seeds, Tanzania
17. Farm Africa, honey, Tanzania
18. Farm Africa, Sesame seeds, Tanzania
19. DelAgua, Rwanda
20. DelAgua, Rwanda
21. DelAgua, Rwanda
22. International Alert, Georgia
23. International Alert, Azerbaijan
24. International Alert, Nagorno-Karabakh
25. International Alert, Azerbaijan
26. Hope Bear, Chernobyl's children, Ukraine
27. Hope Bear, Chernobyl's children, Ukraine
28. Hope Bear, Chernobyl's children, Ukraine
29. Hope Bear, Chernobyl's children, Ukraine
30. International Alert, Liberia